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Garage Door Opener Repair Radnor PA

If you own an automated Overhead garage door in Radnor County, that open and close by an electric opener, there are few things you should know: Many people don’t know that, but the force that actually lift the garage door are the springs, and not the opener. So if one of the springs snap, the opener need to replace the broken spring in opening the door, something that the opener is not suppose to do. This goes for every garage door, whether it is commercial overhead door in Radnor County, or broken garage opener in Glenmoore County Pennsylvania.

Many times, it may seem to the unprofessional eye, like the opener can’t lift the door because there is something wrong with the opener itself, but when we arrive to inspect the Overhead door, we find that the opener is fine, and what prevent it from working smoothly is a problem with the garage door mechanism.

If you choose to ignore the problem, and continue to operate the door with the electric unit, beside putting yourself in risk, it will eventually lead to overheating of the opener and it will stop working and will need to be replaced as well.


Lift Master Garage Opener Repairs


There is a reason why we chose Liftmaster to be our preferred garage door brand. When you fix garage doors in Radnor County for so many years, you learn which the strongest garage door openers in Radnor County are. Liftmaster garage opener repairs is something that we at Garage door repair Radnor PA specialize at, and we install new Liftmaster garage openers almost on a daily base, while servicing overhead doors in Radnor county.

It is no secret that quality cost more, but at the end worth the investment. So if you are considering to install new garage opener in Radnor county, you may want to consider invest in high quality garage opener like Liftmaster, and in return get an opener that will rarely need repairs, and an opener the will work for 20-30 years, as every Liftmaster opener we installed in Radnor will and still working. You can choose a belt drive Liftmaster opener, or even WIFI Liftmaster garage opener, whatever your decision will be, stick to quality, and enjoy a perfectly operating garage door with a strong opener.

Garage Door Safety Sensors


Sometime the opener can be repaired, and sometime you will have to remove the old garage opener and install a new opener. Whether it is Liftmaster garage opener, or Genie opener, Garage door repair Radnor PA  can repair it for you, or replace it in case there is nothing can be done.

If your garage opener doesn’t include safety sensors, we will not be able to service it. The federal law require from every automated garage door that operate with electric opener to include safety sensors. If you own a garage opener that doesn’t include safety sensors, it may too old, and probably was installed before the law required from garage door contractors to install safety sensors. If that is the case, call a local garage door company in Radnor County to come and install safety sensors for you.

Garage Door Opener Repair Radnor PA